Is your Steam name an Otep reference by any chance? :o

No! But I get that reference.

It’s a ‘Pacific Rim’ reference. ChernoAlpha use to be my full Steam name but I shortened it to Cherno.

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Go ahead and add me on Steam, you guys!

Updated the blog. Hope you guys like!

:) - Bri.

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Don't worry about my picture it's just a joke. Anywaayyyy I understand why you want to meet al so bad also he's the only person on this world I would fly to another country to meet like no actor or famous person could make me want to do this other than al he doesn't have too many fans down here in Australia and I wish I could fix that oh well, I don't know why I wrote that :)

Wow, all the way from Australia? You don’t have nothing on me now.

I’m from South Carolina, sure I’m flying all the way from the bottom of the country to the basically the top but, I have anxiety and riding in a plane would be hard for me. Comic Con and Al would be worth it though.

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Do you ever get the feeling that Al is a brony? Not saying its a bad thing but I just kinda get the feeling that he might be.

I don’t get that vibe.

But! If he is! Well than, he is.

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My first video I watched was fat fuck Boone since then I've been a fan. what was your first?

New Vegas Bounties. I wanted a review of that mod… I stumbled across him and I liked the way he reviewed things. Then, I kinda forgot to subscribe to him. Oops. So, I stumbled across the mod Valley of Giants and saw his name and it sparked a memory of mine. As I watched through the mod review I had realized who he was and it made me so happy to find him again. I really love Al. Lately, I’ve felt so outta touch with him because of all the new AlChestBreachians, “yes — there is a name now.” I miss watching him all the time, now I feel so behide. I feel like that guy holds a special place in my heart and I, for the love of God don’t know why.

I’ve been watching Al’s videos for almost four years now and it makes me smile to say that. I still cross my fingers everyday, hoping I can save up enough money to finally see him. To finally meet him. Some people get to see him every year at Comic-Con and to them, its like they are best pals. I remember me and Al use to talk constantly on Twitter and now, it’s very rare I get a reply from him. I get it, getting more subscribers everyday, more people wanting to meet you and talk to you, be noticed by you, yeah — it must be a headache. He’s just a person! But I know deep down, he’ll always know me by name and that the first day I do meet him —

He’ll smile and he’ll say, “It’s finally nice to meet you, Bri.

So I guess I’ve answered your question in more ways than one. I don’t see myself as a ‘fan’ anymore. I always see myself as a friend. A supporter. Al is nice, sincere,  and he makes people laugh. What more could you ask for outta of a guy? Al is — wonderful.

Do you watch his Sims videos? Or as I call them, "The Adventures of Bobby Hill."

Al’s Sims are probably my favorite game playing series aside from his Fallout: NV’s ones. I always can’t wait for Saturday just for Sims Saturday.

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Also whoever descibed from al is a chump ass bitch


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Just wondering are you the real al and if not what is his blogs name id like to ask him a question

I am not Al. I’m just a fellow friend and fan who made this blog to keep others posted on Al’s videos and updates. I do not think Al has a Tumblr and if he does, I don’t think anyone should really know about it.

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im doing good cause im making a new house mod how are you doing tumblr al?

Tumblr Al is good.

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